Design Workshop Wrapup 2/22/14

by Loren Norman on Saturday, February 22, 2014

Game Design Workshop

This Saturday's play test was a good one with no less than 5 game prototypes being playtested by 9 people! We played:

  • Color Ninjas - Aaron's design (2 iterations)
  • The Tree Game - Chris's design based on Steven's crazy 8 idea from session 1 (first play! 3 iterations)
  • Secret Society High School - Chanse's design (first play! 2 iterations)
  • Drinky Time - Dave Berzack's design (ready to go to market)
  • Greenlit - Clint's design based on session 1 crazy 8 (2-, 3-, and 4-card versions discussed)

Aaron Zimlich's Color Ninjas

Chanse Horton's Cliques

Chris Rittelmeyer's Tree Game

Some people came just because we're getting to more playtesting, so I'm pretty excited about this group diversifying and splitting some focus. We're seeing 3 distinct phases that could be pushed each week:

  • Ideation with the crazy 8 and other brainstorming activities
  • Development where we're doing deep dives on an individual game's mechanics
  • Playtesting where a game feels good enough to get some honest impressions from non-designers

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