Upcoming Workshop

Unpub at Andocon!

Saturday, August 15 - Sunday, August 16, 2015: 11am - 5pm


Playtest your game at AndoCon!

Apply now for a playtesting slot at http://unpub.net/events/andocon/.

Please note there is no additional cost for a playtesting slot, however a pre-purchased ticket will be required for admittance. You can purchase your tickets at http://www.andocon.org/register while supplies last.

AndoCon runs longer hours than UnPub, but we’ll be there all weekend, so there will be lots of chances to test your game all weekend long.

Past Workshops

MomoCon: Two Workshop Sessions

May 29th & 30th, 2015

Momocon 2015

We've broken our workshop into two sessions at MomoCon - the fantastic anime, comics, and gaming convention - here in Atlanta, GA.

Tabletop Design 101: Ideation

How can we reliably pick themes that resonate with our audience? In this fast-paced workshop we'll set goals, share ideas and scrape the bottom of the barrel (where the great stuff is hiding!) It's easy and fun, we'll do it together.

Tabletop Design 102: Prototype

Time to break out the fun stuff: dice, meeples, note cards, cubes... enough supplies to try out ANY design. Get your core mechanics working, then test them with friends and designers. And the best part? You get to keep your prototype at the end!

Playtest Room at Boards & Beers

February 28th, 2015

Boardsandbeers oilandropesite

You Bring a Prototype, We’ll Bring the Testers!

We've got a cool venue in the Old Fourth Ward booked for one of a kind game day and play testing event, all we need is you! This is a mixed event, combining an all day tabletop gaming event with a back room specifically for play testing. You can bring a prototype and have other designers as well as everyday gamers play it!

We’re providing beer and prizes to play testers, so there should be no shortage of willing participants.

When you aren’t play testing we’ll have a great game library, demos, draft beer and hot dog cart out back to keep you going!

This is a special event with Atlanta's finest designers, so space is limited. Buy your ticket early to reserve your spot!

Manuel's Tavern Invitational

December 13th, 2014

Photo 2

Bring a Prototype, Build a Prototype

We've got a private room at an Atlanta institution set aside for an epic design meetup, the only thing missing is you!

This is a mixed event, combining a short form of the workshop with open playtesting of your prototypes. You can make one at the event, or bring what you're working on for expert feedback.

This is a special event with Atlanta's finest designers, so space is limited. Apply early to reserve your spot!

Gen Con 2014

August 15th, 2014

Gen con 2014 dragon 02  60295.1410936496.1280.1280

The Best 4 Days In Gaming

Ah, Gen Con. Almost 60,000 gamers in one place (downtown Indianapolis) for a long weekend.

At Gen Con 2014, we ran our first paid workshop and set an attendance record even, though most attendees hadn't heard of us before. Is there any community better than the gaming community?

The attendees were of all stripes. We had published designers, we had amateur designers with working prototypes, we saw fresh designs spring to life from a few heads, and there was even a writer who was just there to study the community (she was blown away by the process and even made a game of her own!)

We got such encouragement from the event, you can bet we'll be back better than ever next year.

Andocon 2014

June 13th, 2014

Photo 1

We Are All Ando

Andocon 2014 was a blast: vendors, tutorials, panels, lots of gamers, and open gaming of every stripe!

We ran our standard, two-table workshop and the ideas poured out. A couple of participants left with working prototypes, one had been carrying a design around in his head for a couple of years!

Game Chef Sessions

May, 2014

Photo 5

"There is no book..."

We took the Game Chef 2014 event as an opportunity and challenge. Could we apply our workshop process to a design competition and get good results?

The theme was "there is no book", and the elements to use were:

  • absorb
  • glitter
  • sickle
  • wild

Here are our write-ups of the event:

Design better games. Together.

The Oil & Rope Game Design Workshop is an afternoon crash course in collaborative game design. Put your head together with other designers and create the core of a game in the time it takes to play one!

Topics we cover:

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